Network Security Challenges in Remote Work

How to Manage Network Security Challenges for Organizations with a Remote Workforce

Neither remote working nor network security challenges are new concept in IT industry. But the new forms of these two made people worried. A few organizations have been urging their employees to work from home for a couple of days as a method of offering them adaptability and helping them balance individual and expert life. In these current Covid-19 pandemic situations, worldwide businesses are shifted to remote work only. After moving to complete remote work from home people are facing various network security challenges.

It is required that the capacity to associate from anyplace will soon become a standard norm. Looking towards its advantage, like before, every employee can connect to their office stuffs remotely from their respective places but there are some disadvantages too. Soon it can become a threat. The danger is much more significant when the data is highly sensitive, for example, the organization’s figures, passwords, and money related archives.

Some important challenges can be faced when working remotely.

Increase in malicious activity

The current unsteady circumstance caused by the Covid-19, the situation is being utilized by malicious hackers and social attacker’s to dispatch threats, such as phishing tricks, ransomware, and cyber security assaults etc. According to the World Economic Forum, they also have highlighted the increasing opportunities of malicious attacks.

Social scammers are active nowadays exploiting users also by breaking security systems through third party apps.

Whenever downloading files and third-party apps we should first be clear what all permissions an app can take at the point of downloading it. If anyone feels any unauthorized access is demanded, users must avoid it and stop downloading.

Poor security on mobile devices

There are highly chances of exploitation if we are using a device or network. Information security is a major risk for private ventures with remote workers, and it should be settled before everything else.

Employees must secure their systems with authorized security passwords to prevent exploitations. Awareness and proper security must be increased in every company to avoid possible dangers.

Separate professional and personal data

Remote working from home can also be a cause of leaking personal data through security breaches. It is impossible for a security team to control any individual choosing a network to connect.

For remote employees using their personal devices must use a mobile device management tool to manage and secure data.

Safety measure points to be noted:-

  1. A robust remote access policy is needed to hold behind the security risks.
  2. Unsecured wireless connections are the favorable place for malicious attacks. Banning unsecured Wi-Fi can be a good option or a reliable VPN can be used in remote working.
  3. Employees unaware about this network security can hold a company into severe risk. So each employee must be adequately trained by the companies.
  4. There are many secured corporate emails, cloud-drive tools which are actually developed for IT purpose uses. This can be controlled by the official users. Every employee must know their usage and should use it for official confidential work.
  5. If any data loss happens accidentally, remote users don’t often have adequate backup and recovery options. They should maintain centralized data backup to prevent any data loss.

Hope this small information can give you a brief idea about remote working security challenges faced by certain companies.

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