Certified Corporate Machine Learning Course

This is the age where machine rules over humans. And we humans, are learning and managing our best to make sense of machines to come out with a definite result. National Cyber Security Services opens a wide scope for students and professions to make an impressive future by the machine learning course in Kolkata. Machine learning training in Kolkata is already started where the concept is introduced within people to make sense that machines will start responding from the examples and experience even without explicitly programming and any kind of coding.

Benefits of Joining the Best Machine Learning Course 

  • Learn Machine Learning to simplify product marketing approaches and do accurate sales forecasts with unlimited sources generated by artificial intelligence. Doing analysis and future prediction becomes much easier by doing this machine learning course.
  • Prerequisites for Machine Learning course is essential for doing accurate medical predictions and diagnoses. The intelligence and skill of machines will help in easy identification and reduction of risk-oriented cases involved in medical science. Learning this skill will help in improving patient health during a critical situation.
  • Importance of Machine Learning in finance is getting progressively higher day by day. Improvement in Financial Sector makes a significant impact in calculating and estimating the financial rules and models. The future of the nation by working over the algorithmic trading, loan writing and detection of frauds in a different field will bring a miraculous change over the models along with the entire nation.
  • Market Segmentation and prediction of lifetime value can be achieved by engaging yourself in a machine learning course. Predictive maintenance and chances of any kind of unexpected errors or failures can be easily judged or controlled by the intelligence used in this theory and preventive measures.

Future Opportunities for Machine Learning Training

You need to feed the data to the generic algorithm and the machine will start building the logic automatically based on the data provided. Machine learning certification in Kolkata brings a tremendous prospect to students and professionals where they can shift their career into Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, NLP Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer and so on.

In the coming years, the importance of a machine learning course in India will be known to a mass population. But to understand the practice and to meet the business standard, one must join this course to secure the future genuinely.

Certified Corporate Machine-Learning Course Module

 Module 01. Python basics:


L1. Print and input function

L2. Variable concept of python

L4. Slicing

L5. Indexing

L6. Find function


L7. list construction

L8. List insertion

L9. List indexing

L10. List slicing

L11. List Deletion


L12. Dictionary construction

L13. Dictionary insertion

L14. Dictionary key and values concept

L15. Dictionary data replace

L16. Dictionary Deletions  

L17. Set and tuple


L18. If-else concept

L19. Nested If-else

L20. For loop

L21. While loop

Function define:-

L22. Construction of function

L23. import, from function.

Doubt clearing.

Module 02. Data analysis:

About the data and introduction about the importance of data analysis.


L24. Numpy array

L25. Ndarray

L26. Array Shape

L27. Array manipulation


L28. Read dataset.

L29. Null value handling.

L30. Data Manipulation.

L30. Drop.

L31. Where.

L32. DataFrame

L33. Feature extraction

L34. K-fold validation

L35. Operation on row and columns.

L36. loc, iloc, ix function

L37. Crosstab matrix

L38. Data Cleaning and data wrangling 


L39. Introduction of matplotlib.

L40. Sub Plot.

L41. Line plot.

L42. Different Plotting Style

L43. Different line styles.

L44. Scatter plot

L45. Histogram

L46. Bar charts

L47. %matplotlib inline%

L48. Pie chart

L49. Scatter plot


L50. difference between matplotlib and seaborn

L51. Barplot

L52. Heatmap

Doubt clearing


Module 03. Machine Learning:


L53. What is Machine Learning

L54. Why Machine Learning

L55. Supervised Learning

L56. Unsupervised Learning

L57. Reinforcement Learning

L58. Road to Machine Learning

L59. The difference among clustering, classification, and regression        


L60. Regression Algorithm

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

L61. Clustering Algorithm


L62. Dimensional reduction

PCA Algorithm

L63. Classification Algorithm

Tree Algorithms: ID3, C4.5, C5.0, and CART

Decision Tree

Random forest

                   Knn Algorithm

Module 04. Project discussion & doubt clearing

Module 05. Final Exam

Machine Learning Course Fees and Duration

Classroom Training:- 14,000/- + GST (Duration 40hrs.)
Online Training:- 14,000/- + GST (Duration 40hrs.)

Outside India:- 232 USD (Duration 40hrs.)