AWS Training in Kolkata

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most completed and widely adopted Cloud Computing Platform. AWS offers us 165 fully-featured services from different data centers around the world. It has Millions of customers including the largest businesses/projects, fastest-growing start-ups, and leading government services/businesses/government units. They trust AWS to power their basic equipment needed for a business to become more athletic and lower costs.

National Cyber Security Services provides AWS training in Kolkata with incentive care. Here our subject specialist will give you AWS certification training with theory & practical classes. Our AWS experts modify this course in order to build your technical skill.

AWS Training in Kolkata

Many companies or training institutes provide AWS training in Kolkata, just to manage an AWS certificate for you. But after getting the cloud certification when you will face the interview board, you will be in trouble. Even if you manage to pass the interview board you will be stuck while working with the real-world scenario. That means you have the certification but not much knowledge.

AWS Certification in Kolkata

We believe in, “Knowledge is more important than Certificate”. That’s why we are not in that category. We do focus on knowledge. In the future, the IT industry will depend on cloud infrastructure. So, we want to enrich you with the proper knowledge of AWS.

Although our mentioned course duration is 50 hours, we are flexible with that. We can provide you some extra hours if you need to clear your concept.

Above all, we ensure to provide you highly technical classes with unit tests and surprise tests throughout the whole course. In this way, you can master yourself in the world of cloud computing as well as pass the AWS certification with vast knowledge.

Our professional trainer will provide you the knowledge to design, deploy, operate and secure your infrastructure and applications on the AWS cloud architecture. We provide this AWS training in Kolkata by our corporate professionals so that you can gain the real-world experience, needed to pursue industry jobs. It is interesting to know that AWS Cloud technology certification holders with necessary cloud skills are high in demand.

Take AWS training in Kolkata to learn best practices and build on these concepts with advanced AWS training to get better AWS opportunities. Join our AWS training and certification course to build your future in AWS Cloud Computing.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect


Module 01: Introduction

L1. An Important Note About Talentgen

L2. Introduction

L3. Exam Path

L4. Why Learn Cloud Computing With AWS

Module 02: Overview

L5. History of AWS

L6. AWS Sign UP

L7. AWS Management Console

Module 03: Identity and Access Management

L8. Identity and Access Management

L9. User Create

L10. User Groups


Module 04: S3

L12. Introduction S3

L13. Create a Bucket

L14. S3 Access Policy

L15. S3 Security

L16. S3 Versioning

L17. Lifecycle Management

L18. S3 Glacier

L19. S3 Static Web Site

L20. Cross-Region Replication

L21. S3 Notification

Module 05: Ec2 (Elastic Compute Cloud )

L22. Introduction Ec2

L23. Launch Ec2 (Windows)

L24. Launch Ec2(Linux)

L25. Security Groups

L26. EBS

L27. EBS Volume and Snapshots

L28. AMI Types

L29. Sport Instance

L30. AWS Command Line (CLI)

L31. EC2 Placement Groups

L32. EC2 Summary

Module 06: Databases On AWS

L33. Databases

L34. Create RDS Instance -Lab

L35. Backup Database -Lab

L36. Replicas

L37. DynamoDB

L38. PostgreSQL

L39. Databases migration

Module 07: Advanced IAM

L40. AWS Directory Service

L41. IAM Policies

L42. AWS Single Sign-On


 Module 08: Route 53

L42. What Is DNS

L43. What Is Domain

L44. Register Doman name

L45. Simple Routing Policies

L46. Lab

Module 09: VPC 

L47. Overview Of VPC

L48. Create Own VPC

L49. Network Access Control List vs Security Group

L50. VPC Preening connection

L51. VPC Endpoints

Module 10: HA Architecture

L52. Elastic Load Balancers

L53. Load Balancer and Health Checks  – lab

L54. Auto Scaling

L55. Elastic Beanstalk

L56. Building Fault-Tolerant Word press Site

L57. Building Fault-Tolerant Word press Site  -lab

Module 11: Application

L60. SQS

L61. Simple Notification Service

L62. Applications Summary

Module 12: Serverless

L63. Lambda

L64. Serverless Application Model

L65. Serverless Summary

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course fees and duration
Classroom Training:- 12,500 INR +18% GST (Duration 50hrs.)
Online Training:- 11,000 INR +18% GST (Duration 50hrs.)

Outside India:- 205 USD (Duration 50hrs.)