Web Application Penetration Testing Service by National Cyber Security Services

Web Application Penetration Testing helps companies to find out possibilities for a hacker to access in some major parts like the data from the internet or the security of their email servers or to know how to secure the web hosting site and server are.

Need for Web Application Penetration Testing

Website vulnerabilities exploitation is one of the main problems in today’s world & that’s because websites are open to internet which can expose sensitive data of systems to evil hackers. Hackers can even target highly optimised security systems of some big MNCs & for that Web penetration testing has got majority access in this field of Cyber Security. Thus, Security testing of websites, web portals or application has got a prior need in organisations.

Web Application Penetration Testing approach:

This testing approach follows the stages mentioned here

  • Planning/Reconnaissance: Scope & goal of a test define, Intelligence gathering.
  • Scanning: Static Analysis & Dynamic Analysis.
  • Gaining access: This stage uses web app like SQL injection, back-doors to exploit target’s vulnerabilities.
  • Maintaining access: To check whether the vulnerability can be used to gain constant presence in exploited system.
  • Analysis: specify exploited vulnerabilities, accessed sensitive data, time required for pen tester to remain undetected in the system.

What are the types of Web Application Penetration Testing that we perform?

In our Web Application Penetration Testing services we generally perform two types of testing –

  • White Box Testing

White box penetration testing allows the security specialist to have complete open access to applications and systems. This permits advisers to view source code and be allowed high-level privilege accounts to the network.

  • Black Box Testing 

In a black-box penetration testing, the security consultant does not have access to any internal information and not allowed to the client’s system or application. It is the job of the security specialist to perform all reconnaissance to obtain information required to proceed.

 What are the Web Application Penetration Testing Methodologies that we follow?

Methodology basically consists of a set of guidelines of security  explains the procedure of conduction of the testing.

As per our client requirements we either go for ‘VA’ testing or ‘VAPT’ testing.

  1. VA Assessment Phases:
  • Discovery
  • Exploitation/Analysis
  • Reporting
  1. Penetration Testing Phrases:
  • Reconnaissance
  • Discovery
  • Public Domain Sources
  • Port Scanning
  • Identification of Services
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Privilege Escalation

Automated Testing is a majority choice but as far as Pen Test is concerned, sometime manual testing is required too.