Android App Development Course 

Are you looking for the best android app development course in Kolkata with advanced technology? Then you are in the right place.

National Cyber Security Services provides customized android app development course is for all the people interested in development with android. We will provide complete android training to build your future in android development.

Android app development is one of the leading technologies.  Everyone is using various types of apps in their smartphones today. More & more apps are being created to fulfill peoples’ needs. So, mobile app development is a very valuable skill to have today.

If you don’t know how to write android apps with the latest and most popular programming language in this 20th century then you are lacking something in the field of development. Mobile is one of the best platforms to reach a large number of people. Android is probably the most popular platform to write mobile applications.

Cyber Security is a huge and significant aspect of app development and will continue ruling all technological advancements. Being a cyber security company, we always keep our focus on security while building an app. So at NSEC, we train our students on how to build a secured android application. Learn Android App Development in Kolkata from the experienced Android Programmers. Our professional Android developers have a strong knowledge of mobile app development trends and updates based on the current industry status. In this android app development course, they will provide you the complete guide of how to write a user-friendly android application.

What you will learn in our android app development course?

  • In this android training course, you will learn from the basics to the advanced level of android app development process & techniques.
  • Design & Deploy mobile application
  • Our specially designed android development course in Kolkata will teach you how to create & control android UI.
  • This android app development course focuses on the fragment, navigation menu, multimedia, location, and many more.
  • Finally, you will be able to develop your own android app with your innovative ideas.
  • Make your portfolio strong by completing android app projects.

learning android app development course from National Cyber Security Services

Career Opportunities for Android Developer

With the digitization of the world, the demand for creativity is increasing. The mobile app development market is the fastest growing market in India. As the android app development market is huge, job opportunities for android developers are increasing. So if you are skilled, certified and updated with the latest technology you will be able to grab the opportunity. An android app developer gets opportunities from various sectors like banking, education, gaming, e-commerce, etc. After completion of the mobile application development course, you will be a certified android developer.

Nowadays people are too busy, they don’t get time to attend the class by reaching the location. That’s why we provide android app development course online. You can also join our android online training.


Course Module For Certified Corporate Android Professional

1. Introduction to Android Development:

L1. Android Introduction

L2. Android Architecture

L3. Android Installation

L4. Launching Android Studio / Eclipse

L5. Android Project Structure

L6. Android Manifest XML

L7. Activity LifeCycle

L8. Toast

L9. Broadcast Receiver

2. Android UI Layout:

L10. How to Create Layout

L11. Material design

EXAM:- Doubt clearing and exam.

3. Android UI Control:

L12. Text View

L13. Edit Text

L14. Button

L15. Checkbox

L16. Toggle Button

L17. Radio button

L18. Radio Group

L19. Progress Bar

L20. Spinner

L21. Time Picker

L22. Date Picker

4. Android Activity and Intents and Service

      L23. Activity Lifecycles

L24. Intents

L25. Services and Life cycle ( Basic )

5. Fragment

L26. Fragment Lifecycles

L27. How to use fragment ( Basic )

L28. Tab layout

6. Navigation Menu

L29. Menu design

L30. Menu with fragment

7. Listview & RecyclerView

L31. Populate listview

L32. Populate Recylerview

L33. Recylerview with custom layout

L34. Recylerview with SQLite data

8. Multimedia Audio and video & camera

L35. Media Playback

L36. Camera

L37. Video playback

9. Content Providers & Database

L38. Contact Provider ( Basic )

L39. SQL Lite Database ( Basic )

L40. Insert. Update, Delete task using database ( Basic )

10. Location and Google Map

L41. Getting a Current Location ( Basic )

L42. Using Maps with Location ( Basic )

L43. Google API key ( Basic )

11. REST API integration (JSON)

L44. JSON Parse ( Basic )

L45. Asynctask ( Basic )

12. Generate APK file

L46. Build APK file ( Not signed )

13. Lesson 13 – Build.gradle

L47. What is build.gradle ( Basic )

L48. compile other libraries ( Basic )

14. Project Task

L49. Create Android Application on specific topic

15. ADD-ON Topic

1. Push notification

2. Use of Firebase database

3. Signed APK with Certificate

4. Google Play Developer Console published

5. Jetpack

6. Architecture component

7. API Response handling

8. External SDK integration like [ : PayTm, PayPal]- Payment gateway

9. Audio call, Video call

10. AR (Augmented reality)

Android App Development Course Fees and Duration

Classroom Training:- 13,500/- + 18% GST (Duration 40hrs.)
Online Training:- 13,500/- + 18% GST (Duration 40hrs.)

Outside India:- 220 USD (Duration 40hrs.)