Network Penetration Testing Service

Network Penetration Testing is also known as Network Pentesting. It’s a specialized job to ensure the security and compliance of your organization’s information stack. We provide Network Penetration Testing Service in Kolkata & all over India. It will help to identify vulnerabilities within the network of your organization. It is a formal procedure aiming at discovering security vulnerabilities, flaws risks, and unreliable environment. 

Our Network Penetration Testing Service will help you gain valuable insight into the security posture of the in-scope assets and be able to fix them before hackers are able to cause serious damage by exploiting them. Penetration testing targets the respective organization’s defense systems consisting of all computer systems and its infrastructure. 

The main purpose of our pen-test is to improve your network security and provide protection for the entire network and connected devices against future attacks. Pen-tests identify and confirm actual security issues and report on the manner in which the security issues can be located and exploited by hackers. 

Modern Day Scenario

 Modern-day hackers will find out existing weaknesses in your network. That is why we are here to spend time and effort identifying vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

At National Cyber Security Services, our Network Penetration Testing team uses the knowledge of Ethical Hacking and sophisticated exploits to identify the loopholes in your network, so you know security posture.

  • Vulnerability Scanners are not Reliable!

Our Penetration Testers go deeper. In general, traditional vulnerability scans are performed using automated security Scanners that detect the predefined signature of a set of vulnerabilities. Actually, scans are no ‘context-aware’ and are incapable of understanding critical business functions or important security controls.

  • The Network Penetration Testing Solution.

Being dependent on vulnerability scans may result in missing critical loopholes and insecurely configured devices. Our penetration testing goes beyond the vulnerability scans and determines the best way to protect your network.

Our Network Penetration Testing Service Steps

 Information Gathering: – This is a process of Ethical Hacking to gather as much information about the target architecture and its environment.

Scanning and Fingerprinting: – Our Network Pen-testing process continues with finding open ports, closed ports and filtered ports with detecting the services that are running on different ports. After that, we detect OS type, patch level by following the protocol identification.

Vulnerability Scanning: – Then we conduct vulnerability scanning using an automated scanner with access to a vulnerability database. This database can verify any available vulnerabilities or exploits. And our team also conduct some manual exploitation technique along with the automated testing.

Exploit Verification: – We use manual verification and password cracking and available exploits are being checked and retested because it is necessary to validate results before producing the detailed vulnerability report.

Reporting: – On the conclusion of the Network Penetration Testing Service, we will create a detailed report to provide findings, suggest solutions and recommendations for further security.

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