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Certified Corporate Advanced Python Course

Are you a developer?

Want to fill the gap to become an Advanced Python Developer?

National Cyber Security Services introduces you to the best-advanced python training in Kolkata.

Our experienced & professional trainer will help you to enhance your skill from python developer to advanced python developer. Our advanced Python training is specially customized for core developers. You will get the advanced python course content after joining the training program. All the additional techniques and features of Python are included in this training program. It will help you to grow yourself with its full potentiality for rapid development. As python is a smart & elegant language, it offers strong support to develop any kind of tools, applications & website. Learn advanced python from the best institute – National Cyber Security Services.

Here we will discuss these things:-

  • Benefits of joining advanced python course from NSEC
  • Future scope of a python developer

What are the benefits of the Advanced Python Course?

  • Advanced python course will prepare you in such a way that you will be able to hone your python coding ability and also can be a good source code reviewer.
  • In this training, you will be taught about the trending frameworks of python like Django, tornado, flask, twisted & their use.
  • After completion of the best-advanced Python training, you will be able to develop any kind of sophisticated web API with the help of the Django rest framework.

learn advanced python course online

  • Our advanced python training in Kolkata will help you to grow your skill more in Data Science & Machine Learning also.
  • You will be more proficient in web development, software development, scriptwriting, app development & upgrades with learning advanced python.

Future Scope after Completion of Advanced Python Certification

According to Stack overflow & Github, advanced knowledge on python is necessary for an experienced python developer for a better career option. Our advanced python programming course will take you to that advanced level of coding. Python is used by top-notch companies including Google. All the top MNC companies, financial institutions & Govt. Agencies also use python for development & other purposes. As an experienced core python developer, you will be able to grab many lucrative career options. Advanced python course in Kolkata brings a golden opportunity for you to be a certified advanced python developer.

Certified Corporate Advanced Python Course Module

1. Introduction

L1. What and why python.

L2. Difference between python 2.7 and python 3.7

L3. History of python.

L4. Lab setup and environment setup

2. Python Data structure


L5. String indexing

L6. String slicing

L7. find function

L8. Print function

L9. User Input.


L10. Creating a list.

L11. Insert data.

L12. List indexing.

L13. List slicing.

L14. clear function.

L15. Del function.

L16. Append data.


L17. Creating a dictionary

L18. Insert into dictionary

L19. Keys and values.

L20. The usefulness of the dictionary.

L21. Replace 

L22. Tuple:-

L23. Set:-


L24. join function

L25. split function

L26. Nested list and dictionary

L27. Difference between list and tuple

L28. Conversion among list, tuple, set, dictionary

L29. Data mutation

L30. Advance python Variable

EXAM:- Doubt clearing and exam.

3. Python Loop


L31. How If else work.

L32. Nested If-else.


L33. Concept of for loop in Variable level.

L34. For loop on string, list, dictionary.

L35. Use Print Function like a pro.

L36. Pattern printing.

L37. While loop.

L38. Python loop control function.

         Doubt clearing and exam.

4. Python Function

L39. Create a function.

L40. Create your won python package.

L41. From, Import function.

L42. Recursion

EXAM:-Doubt clearing and exam.

5. Python OOPs concept

L43. Python Object Class

L44. Python Constructors

L45. Python Inheritance

L46. Multilevel Inheritance

L47. Multiple Inheritance

L48. Doubt clearing and exam.

 6. Exception Handling

L49. Try-except

L50. Different types of Exception

L51. Else

L52. Finally 

7. Python read write a text file

L53. Read a text file.

L54. Write a text file.

L55. append into a text file.

8. Python GUI

L56. UI design using Pyqt5 designer. 

                                                                                  9. Some Important package

L57. TCP and UDP connection using socket package.

L58. Some operations Using pandas.

L59. Graph plot Using Matplotlib and seaborn.

L60. Creating Http sever by one line code. 

                                            10. Django Basics(knowledge on HTML, CSS, javascript need for this part)

L61. Set up a project

L62. Creating the first website

L63. Introduction to mvc model

L64. Explanation of settings.py, views.py,urls.py,admin.py,models.py.

L65. Database connection(MySQL & NoSQL(MongoDB))

                                                                              11. Project Discussion

                                                                   12. Final doubt clearing class and Exam

Advanced Python Course Fees and Duration
Classroom Training:- 12,000 INR +18% GST (Duration 40hrs)
Online Training:- 12,000 INR +18% GST (Duration 40hrs)