Katana-ds (ds for dork_scanner)

A very simple and useful python tool that automates Google Hacking/Dorking and support Tor It becomes more powerful in combination with GHDB.

katana – one of the best python tool for hacking has two different kinds of modes. 1. Google Mode:- It allows you to search in specific countries by providing two user inputs. a) “Dork” and b) “TLD” (Top Level Domain) Example:- com for Usa / co.ma for Morocco / be for Belgium (For more please see the included TLDs.txt file.) 2. Scada Mode:- Scada mode search in google for online PLCs this uses multiple requests so your IP will be blocked by Google so changing the TLD will solve the problem and the script provides inputs for that.

Example of Allen-Bradley PLC dashboard found using Scada Mode:-

Installation:- Use the package manager pip to install requirements. 1. cd Katana 2. python3 pip install -r requirements 3. python3 katana-ds.py Usage:- 1. cd Katana 2. python3 katana-ds.py -h (for help) Options : -g : for google mode -s : for SCADA mode -t : for tor mode

Download Link:– https://github.com/adnane-X-tebbaa/Katana

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