Best SAP ABAP Training in Kolkata

National Cyber Security Services provides the real-time SAP ABAP course in Kolkata which includes basic to advanced levels to apply necessary placement needs in the best MNC companies in Kolkata.

Firstly let us introduce SAP in simpler terms.

SAP is the world’s best enterprise application in respect of software and software-related service.
Based on market views, it is one of the world’s third-largest independent software manufacturers which support all industries by helping them to operate, grow strong and stay ahead of competing in the market.
SAP is best known for its unique innovations that help the customers run their business efficiently.

So why SAP?

SAP is a unique market leader that provides ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning) solutions and services.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that is built to arrange different industrial sectors, despite their strength and size.

Why SAP ABAP Course? What are their benefits?

ABAP is the programming language for business application support and development used in SAP.
ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is an event-driven programming language that runs in the SAP ABAP runtime environment. It is created by SAP and used for the development of application programs including:
• Forms
• Module Pool Programming
• User Exits & BADI
• Reports
• Data conversions
• Interfaces

SAP is the ERP system in which the ABAP programming language is implemented in a basic business structure. By using ABAP Programming we can change the flow of the business.
Our SAP ABAP trainers are certified experts who have well experienced in the SAP ABAP field.
We at National Cyber Security Services have designed SAP ABAP courses in a specialized way to meet student’s proper requirements to achieve your career goal. It will surely feed your brain with practical knowledge.

Here SAP ABAP courses are convenient and relevant to both individuals as well as corporate. This course also includes ABAP, FICO, MM, BASIS, BI/BW, UI5, and HANA.
We offer the best SAP ABAP training online as well as offline classes and make sure to clarify all the doubts questioned by students.

Who all can apply for SAP ABAP?

Minimum 3 years of experience is needed in any field. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the student to get an interview call.

Which background students can easily learn SAP ABAP?

As ABAP is a programming language, students from the IT field can easily pursue this course.
National Cyber Security Services is one of the best SAP ABAP training institutes in Kolkata which a student can look for. Join NSEC for the quality SAP training and certification.

SAP ABAP Training Course Module

1. Introduction of ERP

ERP Fundamentals.

Why ERP?

Features and advantages of ERP

About SAP R/3 ERP

Comparison of SAP R/3  with other products

2. SAP R/3 Architecture

Presentation Server, Application Server, Database Server

Defining an R/3 Instance

Understanding  a User Context

Understanding a Roll Area

List and their jobs of background services

3. Introduction to ABAP/4

ABAP/4 Programming concept

Introduction of various types of program

Fundamentals of  creation of  programs

Introduction of standard Data Types

Declaration of  different types of variables

Loop and Controls

IF structure

Case statement

Loop statement

Control break statement

Data structure

User-Defined Data Types

System Fields

4. Introduction of ABAP Dictionary

Overview  of  Dictionary objects

Overview of  Types of  Base tables

Creation of Client independent base tables

Creation of Client dependent base tables

Understanding of standard database tables



Data Element


Search Help

5. Introduction of  Database Operations

Understanding of Open SQL statement

Understanding of Native SQL statement

Working with Insert, Update, Delete statement

Addition of  corresponding fields of  statement

6. Introduction of  Internal Table

Overview of types of Internal tables

Creation of an Internal table with an implicit header line

Creation of an Internal table with an explicit header line

Processing on the internal table using the following statements

Append, Insert, Modify, Sort, Read, Collect, Clear, Refresh, Delete, Free

Processing logic Read table statement Loop at

7. Message class

*        Creation of user define massages

*        Overview of types of massages

*        Displaying massages

8. Modularization technique

*        Include programs

*        Subroutines

*        Function modules

9. Introduction of dialogue programming

*        Understanding of module pool programming

*        Creation of module pool program

*        Designing screens using various screens elements

*        Navigation in between multiple screens

*        Displaying data into table control

*        Screen painter

*        Menu painter

*        Creation of menu bar, toolbar, title bar, etc.,

10. Introduction of object transportation

*        Understanding of development class/package

*        Creation of development class/package

*        Creation of workbench request

*        Transportation of objects

*        Understanding of TMS technique

11. Reports

*        Understanding of types of reports

*        Generation of various types of reports

*        Classical report

*        ALV report

*        ABAP Query

    12. Understanding of report events






At line-selection

At user-command

13. Introduction of the selection screen

*        Understanding of selection screen methods

*        Creation of selection screen using SELECT-OPTIONS

*        Usage of SELECT-OPTIONS in the function module

14. Introduction of BDC

Overview of BDC
Methods of BDC
I/O method
Direct input method
Call transaction method
Session method
Working with foreground and background techniques
Recording method



Creation of smart form with different Window Types

Passing Parameters into Smart Form

Smart Form with Database using Tables

Smart Form with Derived Fields to perform Calculations

Or validations using with FLOWLOGIC

Smart Form with Table Format Output.

Smart Form with Graphic window, Address Window

Calling Smart at Runtime using Module Programming

By passing Parameters

Smart Form at runtime to export report output into

Client independent

Sending Mail process with Smart Form


OBAP Programming.

Local Classes, Global Classes.

Class, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism….

ABAP OBJECTS with BDC Applications.

17. BADI’S

API application programming interface.

Add-Ins Programming

User Exits, Menu Exits, Function Module Exits

18. ALV reports with OOPS


Using GRID, HOTSPOT, and interactive selection process.

19. User Exits

20. Enhancements

21. LSMW

SAP ABAP Course Fee and Duration

Online Training:- 25,000 INR +18% GST (Duration 30hrs.)
Outside India:- 395 USD (Duration 30hrs.)

(Only Weekend Classes Available)