Advanced Python for Hackers

From small network scans to wide-area network packet sniffing, writing nifty scripts and automating the structured process is a common practice among Ethical Hackers. For such tasks, Python becomes the language of choice for hackers, and there are good reasons for this. You must know the reasons and importance of python for hackers. Here we will discuss the reasons for being a hot-topic of “Ethical Hacking using Python”.  Below is a list we will discuss –

  • Why learning Python is beneficial?
  • Why should we use Python for Ethical Hacking?

Why learning Python is beneficial?

Python is a general-purpose scripting language that has gained immense popularity among developers and beginners for its simplicity and powerful libraries. Python is preferable among developers because of its rich set of libraries which can be used in hacking, AI and even data science. Nowadays Python is the biggest weapon that every developer or ethical hacker needs.

Why should we use Python for Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hackers develop small scripts and python being a scripting language provides all-round performance and increases the readability of the program. Also, python has a huge community, so any doubt related to python gets solved in a jiffy. The simple yet powerful nature of the programming language makes ethical hacking with python easier. Python for hackers is a weapon that is hard to master but once mastered you can control the world with your fingers.

Employment of Ethical Hackers has become a common practice among employers to protect themselves from all kinds of hackers. After learning hacking using Python, you can be employed as an Information Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Penetration Tester and so on.

In this advanced python for hackers course, you will learn the Python programming language for Ethical Hacking. It is one of the most thorough python hacking courses in Kolkata. Even if you are a beginner the easy step-to-step lectures will guide you through everything you will need to know. Our lectures are combined with hands-on sessions which will help you better python coding skills. If you have completed our basic course on Python, you are ready to join this “Advanced Python for Hackers” course and explore the hacking world. We will not just provide you expert guidance also we will help you work on industry-level projects to ease your journey towards becoming an ethical hacker.

 Advanced Python for Hackers Course Module

1. Warm-up:

L1. Testing python knowledge

L2. Python oops concept

L3. Inheritance

L4. Multiple inheritances

L5. Multilevel inheritance

L6. Custom module creation

L7. Argument parsing

L8. What is port, ip, post method, get method, put method, delete method, push method.

2. Working Principle of popular Hacking Tools:

L9. Sqlmap

L10. Admin finder

L11. XSS strike

L12. ICMP smurf attack detector

L13. Web crawler

3. Network Programming:

L14. TCP secure communication

L15. UDP secure communication

L16. Using of Wireshark

4. Network sniffing:

L17. Installing scapy

L18. Sniff data from network

L19. DOS attack on any port Anonymously

L20. Automate NMAP

L21. Creating local HTTP server

5. Web Scraping:

L22. Request package (HTTP for Humans)

L23. JSON data read

L24. Sending JSON data

L25. Binary response content

L26. Sending data via URL

L27. JSON response content

L28. Post multipart encode file

L29. Cookies

L30. Client side certificate verification

L31. SSL certificate verification

L32. Keep alive

L33. Streaming upload

L34. Timeouts

L35. Basic authentication

L36. Digest authentication

L37. OAuth 1 authentication

L38. OAuth 2 authentication

L39. Bs4 vs requests vs scrapy

L40. Web Page Preservation with Beautiful Soup

L41. Doubt clearing and a short project

6. Encryption Algorithm:

(N.B.: Here The trainer will explain the working principle of algorithm. Students need to do the code. If not then trainer will help them by doing the code. )

L42. Public key

L43. Private Key

L44. AES Algorithm

L45. DES Algorithm

L46. RSA Algorithm

L47. Create your Algorithm.

7. Append

L48. Open .db file

L49. Dumping Reports from IEF to CSV

L50. Network forensic

L51. Write network sniff data into CSV

8. Final Doubt clear and project discussion

9. Exam

Python for Hackers Course Fees and Duration
Classroom Training:- 14,000 INR + 18% GST (Duration 50hrs.)
Online Training:- 14,000 INR + 18% GST (Duration 50hrs.)

Outside India:- 236 USD (Duration 50hrs.)